Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Things I discovered today

1. Car batteries die. Replacing them cost a bit more than replacing other types of batteries.

2. Taph is onto something having knitting in her bag at all times. I realised this as I sat on a park bench in the middle of the Canberra Centre carpark with up to 90 minutes to wait for the NRMA man to arrive.

2. You can have knitting conversations in the oddest circumstances. Today I talked knitting with the NRMA battery delivery and installation girl who said everyone in her school learnt to knit and was quite surprised when I therefore knew she went to a Steiner school.

3. I was right to not buy a new clothes airer last week. This week it was reduced from $20 to $12. Excellent!

4. Old clothes airer bits are very handy in the vegetable garden holding up plants:5. And, according to my mother, the reason I didn't see any pea seedlings at the garden centre wasn't because it's the wrong time of the year to plant them but because you have to grow them from seed.

(Listening to: Air, Talkie Walkie)


Taphophile said...

So sorry Miss Daisy needed a transplant. Good buy on the clothes airer, though.

pinar said...

yes to all first four.. and
laughter to the last..
nice post.. about everything we like.. gardening.. recycling.. crafting.. and chatting..
have fun..

shanna said...

i had my altenator go out after a trip to the grocery store. i managed to get it within a few blocks of my house before it died at a stop light in the left turning lane. lets just say the people behind me who wanted to turn were not very happy!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Oh God - I wouldn't know what an alternator was if it bit me on the bum!

I'm such a lightweight - I just call the NRMA. Embarrasingly, the first callout was because I head a nasty sound and there was liquid dripping onto the driveway as I backed out.

NRMA diagnosis? The sound was the car running over the acorns that had fallen from the oak trees out the front and the liquid was leftover rain from a rare storm we'd had the night before which was still draining. Talk about a Violet Crumble moment (that's where you're blonde on the inside and brunette on the outside)