Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy music

The first track I played this morning is one of my favourite reminders:

that yes, indeed it is.

And since I'm showing my somewhat dark and dodgy musical taste, here are another couple of tracks that always make me happy when they land in my CD player:

(because they do)

(because we can)

(I've always found it rather funny that Black can sound so dour and depressed while singing about how it's a "wonderful life" - Ace of Base and Tina Cousins have since done dance versions which are much happier sounding but somehow not as good as the original)

I'm tempted to turn this into a meme: Songs that always make me happy (the dodgier the better!)

(For those on dial up:
1. Ace of Base, Beautiful life
2. D:ream, Things can only get better
3. Sydney Youngblood, If only I could
4. Black, Wonderful Life)

1 comment :

feli said...

I still love the Ace of base song. Its one of my all time favourite.