Monday, July 09, 2007

Sunday at Strathnairn

Yesterday we visited Strathnairn after the Old Bus Depot Markets and Canberra Glassworks (which was packed - I was told over 300 people are already on the waiting list for the Off The Street program!)

I had fun taking photos of old thingschecking out the exhibitionsand drinking coffee (and eating cake) by the fire. It was the perfect way to spend a wintery Canberra Sunday afternoon!


shanna said...

i love the pictures you took of old things! i really like the one of the wood slats with the different colors of chipped paint.

Margie said...

Now that you're off the fiscal fast, have you seen these?


Black and white reusable enviro friendly shopping bags!! No more green bags required for you!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Hi Margie

I've visited envirosax and drooled over the range but can't justify it as:

a) I have a large collection of black and white envirobags hanging from my front door which were free and

b) I can make my own (dammit!)

Thanks anyway!

Margie said...

Ah so des ne. Yes fair enough. I've still got a hodge podge of home mades and green ones.
Did you know that those green bags are excellent when moving house though?

Anonymous said...

I am pleased you have discovered Strathnairn homestead.
It is a unique corner of Belconnen that even the locals dont know about.
Great exhibitions, gifts to buy coffee in the sun and wood fired pizza on each month. What more would you want?