Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Head hits desk. Repeatedly....

So I've had a URL for over a year. Done nothing with it. Suddenly felt the need to populate it with something (however basic) RIGHT NOW!

So I go to my ISP home page and they give me a pile of links to articles like De-Sludging ASP.NET Pages with PageAdapter (WTF?!) and Build a homepage of your own (HELLO! it would be nice if you stopped waffling and told me how to do it!). Then I try this link which tells me "The most common mistake for new designers is the urge to put the c:\ in links and images" Well thanks, but you know I have no such urge as I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE GOING ON ABOUT!

So an hour later I'm no closer to having any idea how to get an itsy bitsy logo and a couple of buttons onto my home page. I thought it would be like Blogger. You know: Choose a template. Mess with it a little. Feel like you know what's happening.

Suddenly I feel old.


shanna said...

do you happen to have microsoft office frontpage? that's an easy program to work with...you have a choice to enter in HTML or you can just type and add pics like you would if you were writing up a word document.

i'll look over some of the links they sent you to see if i can at least figure out how to get you an image and a link to your blog.

drey said...

yeah i don't mind helping out too.

Taphophile said...

All Geek to me ;)