Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday is...

... mandarins from the Farmers' Market, with tree still attached.
... a visit from Aunty A with giant croissants (eaten warm with ruby grapefruit and campari marmalade)
... homemade cream of mushroom soup for lunch.
... a new loaf of no knead bread cooling.
... working on an order for monogrammed wristlettes.
... noticing that Caffeine Faerie has picked up the Happy Music meme idea.
... stretching out on the sofa with Nibbs for an afternoon kip.
... putting the house back to rights.
... fresh apple and mandarin juice for afternoon tea.
... a video and an early night.

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ngs said...

Hi! go to recipezaar and search crock pot (two words), some great ideas. there's also a crock forum in the community. I use the oven cook-in bags in my crock - marinate some chicken/fish or whatever in the bag, add stock/wine to give some liquid and then loosely tie the bag and place in the crock for 4 ish hours, it's pretty flexible, you can add potatoes and veggies and a bit of extra liquid and youi have a meal done... you can also do it with foil - I just adapted this from Jamie Olivers meal in a bag recipes, I'm sure you've got his books

been catching up with your blog, some beautiful pics

oh and I'd love to trade the campari marmalade recipe, never heard of that, personally I can't stand the stuff, but hubby loves it and I guess it would be much more interesting for me to make it with such an ingredient

enjoy your vid and early night, I need one too!