Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wednesday's wanderings

I don't think I've mentioned the Hotel Kurrajong on my blog yet, which is most remiss of me as it's kind of the kid brother to The Hyatt (and even designed by the same architect). It's much more homely (see foyer above) and intimate (with only 26 guest rooms - the rest of the building is taken up with a hotel management school which means the students get to practice on the guests)Today I was lucky enough to be part of a group who got to see the room where Chifley used to stay (and, apparently, died. It's said he haunts the hotel to this day...) Later in the afternoon I took a trip back to the Lost Houses of the Molonglo Valley exhibition at CMAG and the Knit 1 Blog 1 exhibition at Craft ACT to finally have a decent look at all the exhibits(And check out what Al's wearing these days...)


gemma said...

Al's supporting a good footy team there!

Jejune said...

I love the Hotel Kurrajong - have spent several pleasant times there with Hubby, and had the most delicious meals!