Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A day in black & white...

1. A lunchtime frugalling find. Vintage spotty beach towel with fringe. Salvos Tuggeranong: $5. 2. Also captured at Salvos Tuggeranong. Two white cotton pillowcases with faggoting: $3.50 the pair. I'm a happy little frugaller this week!
3. (Still) on the needles:my daisy hoodiewhich I'd rather like to get finished for Friday's Knit 1 Blog 1 opening. I might actually manage it as I only have one (most difficult) front to go before sewing it up and buying (and installing) the zip.

4. Except I also plan to have a number of Knitaholic bags finished by then as well....Not panicking - it's only Tuesday. Heaps of time to sort it all out!

1 comment :

Michelle said...

Love the look of the daisy hoodie. Hope we get to see it on Friday night.

You have plenty of time! Don't sleep!