Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A burning STS question

Transcript of an email conversation that occured last night:

Are condoms consumables? :-P

Dunno? Are they flavoured?

There's not much else one can do with a used one, so yes, they are consumables. Green As a Thistle had a post about greener condoms recently - in the last couple of weeks.

Not flavoured. Very very over their use by date. Oddly enough.

Rats. That's what I thought. Which also probably means I can't count the samples of products I'm taking with me as Outs either....

I knew you'd be The Voice of Frugal Reason.

Nothin sadder'n out of date condoms.

And they say stash building is wishful thinking...

Heh. At least yarn doesn't have a use-by date.

And if you happen to have a ball of wool on you people don't call you fast

Doesn't fit so discretely into a wallet, though.


Taphophile said...

Oh dear. I always have several balls of yarn with me, just in case the opportunity for a quickie presents.

Janet McKinney said...

I can't imagine why you would want to take condoms with you!!!


The Shopping Sherpa said...

Janet: It's like my ginger beer theory. My theory. By The Shopping Sherpa:

I always have a bottle of ginger beer in my cabin when I'm cruising in case there's a storm and I feel seasick. The ginger calms the stomach and ginger beer should be easy to keep down if I'm puking.I've never needed to open it but am convinced that the one time I forget it there'll be a raging storm and I'll be puking my guts out.

Similar theory for the condoms. By having them I guarantee I won't need them. But I have the peace of mind knowing they're there if the unexpected err.... comes up.

Janet McKinney said...

Hahahaha - he had better be GOOD....

WOLLE said...

Interesting theories. I am convinced that statistical evaluation would show a significant correlation - intuitively I think these theories really work.

I have never carried ginger beer on a sailing trip - but I do remember I had to "feed the fish" on several occasions. I never carry condoms either (thinking there won't be any opportunities & seriously, I should not be seizing them anyway). But looking back at the last 20 odd years... dammit there have been a few occasions where they would have been totally appropriate.

But IF had carried them - would these occasions not have come up?

So, I wonder whether the sherpa's cruise will enforce or falsify the theories?