Friday, November 23, 2007

Outta here

Oh - and if you want to watch me sail tomorrow night there's a webcam here that you can control. The Overseas Passenger Terminal is opposite the Opera House (but should be easy to spot because there'll be a hulking great ship there tomorrow!). There's only one little itty bitty problem which is we're not sure exactly when we're leaving...

Sydney Port Authority say we're off at 8pm, RCCL think we leave at 10pm. So maybe see if there's movement at around 8:05pm and come back in a couple of hours if there's not.


(World time converter here. Chose Australia/Sydney)


Taphophile said...

*waves damp hankie*

Janet McKinney said...

/janet hands taph another tirrue - and then changes it for a knitted face cloth - to absorb all the tears.
You can come and visit me my friend

WOLLE said...


You must be getting close to home now. Hope you had a wonderful time & am curious about the new tales the shopping sherpa will be able to tell.

I am scheduled to go on another trip to the US (Boston this time) & will be back on the 15th of December.

All the best!

Janet McKinney said...

That is what I was thinking - home again tomorrow I think.

Welcome Home TSS. Long to see what stash you accumulated!!

Janet McK