Thursday, November 08, 2007

Doing a little tap dance

One of the problems with living in an old house with cheap rent is that things tend to fall apart. And not get fixed*. Whenever it rains, for instance, I get a wet bathroom floor. Which is a bit of a pain when I go to the loo half asleep in the middle of the night (luckily we're in drought so it doesn't rain very often!). There's been a leak in the cupboard under the basin for 8 years. I keep my stuff in a plastic box with a sponge on top to absorb the water.
And the hot tap on my bath shattered months ago, just after the plumber swapped my basin taps for the bath taps because "they're about to fall apart and you use the basin more". It really hasn't worried me as I don't have baths because of the water restrictions.
But yesterday I discovered these at Salvos: white taps almost the same as my dead brown taps. $2 the lot (and of course I forgot to pick up the matching bath set which was $5 so will have to go back for them today. Duh!..).

Now I have to Google how to change a tap. And have a bath to celebrate!

(* Fair's fair, some things do get fixed)


Taphophile said...

Got to love a karmic universe! We wer only talking about those taps on Tuesday! 8)

Michelle said...

If you need a helping hand with the tap, I'll come on over with Mr QMm, who has been known to be Rather Handy. He also owns a big "how to fix it" book which he'd be happy to loan you. I'd also be happy to loan him.

Just yell!

Victoria said...

Ah, your opshopping is impressing me.