Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday frugalling finds

It all started innocently enough. I needed to go out to Mitchell and drop off the last load of UK marie claires to the Lifeline Bookfair bin and decided while I was there to drop some other stuff off at Salvos.

But then Miss Daisy hit autopilot and headed straight across the new Gunghalin Drive extension and parked herself in front of Vinnies Belconnen and sat there looking smug. Minx.

Here's what came home with me today from my op shop wanderings:* Spare Bloom oilburner: $1. I have one identical to this which I bought to replace my original one which eventually developed a leak. I guess the current one will eventually do the same so I was happy to find me a replacement for such a good price.

* Cut glass pear: $4. Bit exxy but I had to get it. I'm a Canberran therefore it's built into my DNA to like pear shaped things.

* Square jar to add to the craft room collection: 50 cents.

* Lovely pyrex bowl with funky 50s design in black and gold on the side: $4. There was a matching smaller one as well but the pattern had rubbed off in places so I left it behind. I'm finding it interesting seeing what pyrex is being priced at around the op shops. Some places don't seem to recognise it as collectible (Salvos Mitchell recently had two bowls for $1 each - a small one with an ivy design and a large one with a geometric orange design. Later the same day I saw a pyrex divided dish at Vinnies Phillip for $8...)

And then there's this:1 kilo of Bendigo Woollen Mills alpaca in geranium. Plus bamboo needles and a stitch holder (and a half-knitted project): $40.
Yes, I know, slightly more than I'd usually pay but it's so soft. And beautiful. And perfect for knitting a stoley wrappy thing I promised Princess B to replace one she has that's a bit worn out. I had to laugh though, the woman who took it out of the display case for me was trying to sell it to me by saying "the needles alone are worth $15". I looked at her. Blinked. Replied "Errr, no they're not. I get bamboos from you guys for $2 a pair." She looked a little taken aback.

Oh, and since I seemed to be on an utter "let's sabotage the figures for Sunday" bender I picked these up at the Newsagents (of all places!) this afternoon:
Cruise ship stitch markers. 50 cents each.


Michelle said...

Ooh! Pyrex find! Is it Agee Pyrex or US? If it's Agee, it's probably the Aussie version of this:

Janet McKinney said...

The wool is divine - so soft and yummy. And such a beautiful colour.

Thank you for my birthday presents TSS. I will have to put them somewhereetoday. And the book was a good read int he early hours of this morning when I woke up. (Yeah I know - I should be sleeping, but sometimes by body does not agree)


Taphophile said...

Cruise ship stitch markers?! Great find. :)

Heidi said...

That yarn is gorgeous. And cruise ship stitch markers? How perfect is that? Will you be posting from your vacation, or taking a break from blogging?

AMCSviatko said...

Michelle: Aussie Pyrex. Love the pattern you found, though...

Heidi: Planning on a blogging break especially as internet access onboard is 50 US cents a minute! Won't have mobile phone access either as although I have global roaming my handset is too old to cope with it in Asia. This little gemini is going to have major communication withdrawal symptoms :-)

m1k1 said...

We could all email you random thoughts over the next week, you could print them without reading, and then "open" 1 a day and pen a reply.