Sunday, November 04, 2007

Seven Things Spring Week 9


* Oct/ Nov 2007 Home New Zealand (subscription)
* Nov 2007 Elle Decor (subscription)
* Nov 2007 US Elle (subscription)
* Nov 2007 US Vogue (subscription)
* "New" shower caddy (to replace mine which was looking rather worse for wear. $3 from Vinnies)
* Oct 2007 Real Simple (newsagents)
* Oct 2007 Living Etc (newsagents)
* Spool thread stand (brand new, $1 from Vinnies)
* Black & white stripy T ($5 from Salvos)
* Black floaty skirt just perfect for travelling (I kinda sorta grew out of my other one and doubt I'll manage to get back into it in the next 3 weeks... $5 from Salvos)
* Air Virgin Suicides soundtrack ($3 at Salvos)
* 1 pair 4mm cream and black knitting needles to add to the collection
* L'Eau D'Issey perfume gift pack (I always buy my perfume in November from DJs as you get a little something extra like moisturiser for the same price and by using my Christmas Option I don't have to pay for it (or get charged interest on it) until February next year.)
Living Nature skincare gift pack (DJs have just started carrying the Living Nature range and appear to be marking the occasion with brilliantly discounted deals on gift packs (eg: $156 worth of items for $29.95). Since Living Nature is one of the few brands I'll use I snapped one up and will be back at the post Christmas sales to see if there are any left)
* Natio eye contour treatment gel. Since I was doing the skincare stock up at DJs anyway.
* 1 pair new cotton/linen trousers (for the cruise)
* Wool to make a blue Ralph Lauren-ish sleeveless vest for E ($8 from Vinnies)
* The wool fairy was (unfortunately) with me this week as I also picked up two more lots of wool for E jumper-knitting ($16) It's a good thing actually as he's almost grown out of the pirate jumper and the stripy hoody but I'll hold off starting any more projects for him until closer to winter so we know how big he is. Seems silly to knit something now that he might grow out of over summer...)

Total In this week: 19

Out:* Old mangy shower caddy: rubbish
* 10 old UK marie claire magazines: donated to Lifeline Book Fair
* Blue and yellow sun and moon tin which I bought in Manukau Shopping Centre in Auckland in the early 90s while on holiday in Auckland. (I think this is the last of the blue stuff I have in the house.)
* Very bright potholder and dishtowel set which I got in a Swap-bot swap and was keeping in case I came across someone who would actually appreciate it.
* Wooden tissue box which I bought at The Reject Shop for a couple of dollars and stained for use in my home office. Then I started working from home so had my spunky metal IKEA tissue holder back here from my work office. Then I stopped using tissues so I certainly don't need 2 tissue boxes (I'm holding onto the spunky one for now.)
* Towelling barbecue mit thingy. I have no idea if this is supposed to protect your hand from heat (yeah, right) or it's designed to be use as a bath mitt by a meat obsessed person. I got it at an op shop with a matching towel. The towel is going to Princess B (probably to end up at her parents' place in the barbecue area).
* Very cheap very nasty and very very useless plastic black and white scissors which I discovered in my Black & White swap carton.
* 2 hairclips with covered buttons attached which I got in a swap. I don't use hairclips.
* 6 sheets of stickers which I got as part of a job lot for 10 cents. I used a lot of the full sticker sheets in swaps earlier in the year but the rest can go.
* Steve Parish photo book of Australia. I got it for 20 cents. I was going to include it in a swap. I didn't notice there's a hand written dedication inside the cover.
* An embroidered tray cloth which I bought to give to someone. Since I can't remember who I'm not keeping it.
* And, finally, a very colourful and very cute notepad I was given that I'll never use.
17 items in total: donated to The Smith Family.
* Box and 19 goodies inside it: all packed up and ready to head off to persons unknown (to be decided at noon)

Total Out this week: 48


* 9 Wash cloths
* 4 Knitted daisies

Net items out so far during Seven Things Spring: 234

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Taphophile said...

Totally impressed by 9 wash cloths plus assorted daisies in less than a week.