Sunday, November 11, 2007

Seven Things Spring: The power of (week) 10


* 10 white plastic bottle tops, 3 miniature giftwrapped boxes, 1 handmade card (cheers Janet!)
* 2 pieces of printed drill and 1 knitting pattern from Taph
* Urbis Design Annual 2007 (Newsagents)
* December 2007 Aust marie claire (subscription)
* November 2007 AMEA Tiny Times
* Second copy of Fall 2007 Knit.1 mag (I emailed them because my summer issue hadn't turned up by the time they announced they'd released the fall one. They sent me replacement copies of both. Silly (but nice) people!)
* Glass jar for keeping buttons in ($3 at Salvos - sorry forgot to photograph it!)
* Length of very colourful fabric swapped with Janet (see below)

Total In this week: 61 (gulp!)

* 1 pump pack of sunscreen. When I was sorting out my bathroom cabinet to make room for last week's influx of skin stuff I did the yearly check of expiry dates. Obviously I missed last year's check as this had an expiry date of 2006 so out it goes. I doubt I'll replace it since I only use sunscreen once or twice a year and I have a couple of small sample packs in the cupboard: bin
* 1 dead white cotton sheet. (It's had a good life - I bought it on sale in 1992 for a whopping $7. I contemplated moving this into my craft room to cut up and repurpose but I already have at least one other in there waiting to be dealt with): given to mechanic friend to turn into rags.
* 1 broken Mary Quant travel umbrella. I really had to face the fact that no matter how long I kept it it wasn't going to magically mend itself. *sniff*: bin (even though, after seeing this I was sorely tempted to keep it just in case I ever needed to make a bat costume...)
* 1 little cupcake: given to Janet in return for a supply of bottle tops for the inside of future cupcakes
* 2 fashion magazines: given to Taph
* 7 books destined to be Book Crossed on the ship: sent to Sydney with Princess B's sister
* 8 Candyfloss for the brain books to be read and disposed of while on holiday: also sent to Sydney with Princess B's sister. Who knows I might get round to registering them for Book Crossing as well...
* 1 Christmas tablecloth and 1 Barbeque towel, the last of the stuff from my general swaps drawer: also sent to Sydney. Hopefully Princess B will want to keep them otherwise I'm sure they'll be passed on to a good home!
* 8 old summer T shirts of varying ages (up to 10 years) and stages of wear which I know I'll never ever wear again, 2 black plastic sellotape dispensers (a girl only needs so many), 1 op shopped cushion cover I was going to send to someone but changed my mind: donated to The Smith Family
* 14 wooden clothes pegs which I probably won't ever use but Janet will.
* Second copy of Fall 2007 Knit.1 mag: given to Taph
* Large length of this fabric, swapped with Janet for fabric above
* 20 old UK marie claire magazines: donated to Lifeline Book Fair

Total Out this week: 70 (phew!)


* 1 little cupcake
* 1 tiny cupcake
* 1 teeny tiny cupcake
* 4 white cotton washcloths
* 1 Mama tote bag and 1 Groovy Green bag destined for gifts

Net items out so far during Seven Things Spring
: 243


Janet McKinney said...

Hmphhh You have done so well. I don't think I could possible compete this week....

Thank you for the pegs, and material swap, and everything this week. I am going to have to be busy aren't I?

Janet McK

Taphophile said...

You made it - woo hoo! and with things to spare.

m1k1 said...

Are you starting to feel the lightness of not-having? (not to be confused with the lightheadness of not-eating)

Maybe I can start over for summer, and do cleansing then.

AMCSviatko said...

M1K1 - not really but a lot of what is going has been stored away in cupboards and drawers and boxes. Plus there is now a "Seven Things Stattion" cluttering up the top of the stairs, where things wait for their exit from the house (and another one seems to keep wanting to spring into being at the bottom of the stairs.

I'm definately signed up for a "Seven Things Summer" (still deciding if I'll count what comes back with me from holiday or just do a final STS report next Sunday and just start again on Dec 16th) and know of a couple more people who are thinking of joining from December...

It would be great if you'd come along for the ride :-)

Marg B said...

Ah! The out-of-date sunscreen. We had literally dozens of tubes/bottles cluttering up the house until I started checking expiry dates last summer. I must have thrown out sunscreen that I had spent at least $200 on. Never again!