Monday, November 05, 2007

M is for...

... Monday. Kinda handy since that's what today is!
... Mobile phone madness. I took delivery this morning of 27 keypads for my trusty Nokia 3310. Yep. 27. There were only supposed to be 25 according to the eBay listing but 27 turned up. This does nasty things to my tally for Seven Things Spring but I'm rather relieved to now have a stockpile to keep me going for a wee while since they're no longer sold in mobile phone shops (odd that).*
... Mushrooms which have sprouted in my backyard over the rains of the last few days. I must have fairies (and here I was thinking all that screeching and hissing outside my bedroom window was possums...)... Miniaturising. Yes it's another knitted cupcake.But a lot smaller. I had the sudden image of knitted cupcake Christmas tree decorations and so had to see if I could turn it into reality. Answer: yes. Problem: I used the lid off my water bottle for the base so unless I feel the need to go buy packs of Woolworths Home Brand water bottles with white lids this may end up being a one-off. Is cute, though, yes?

...Mystery. Why oh why has my laptop stopped acknowledging when I plug my printer in? ... Mats. While looking to see if I had some silver thread to sew french knot silver sprinkles onto my cupcake I came across these two unfinished dolls house rugs in my embroidery box. These have been sitting there for an embarrassingly long time. I promise to finish them this week.
...Make it yourself. It's too late for me to take the pledge this year as I admit to having had some bought items squirreled away for months but I think this is an awesome initiative. If you're not a crafty type (or don't have time to cover your whole list) check out Made It, Etsy, or your local markets for hand made Christmas ideas.

.... Must buy.
craft::boom has a code for a 3-for-2 deal on Moo cards!

...Mellow How I'll be this evening as I slide towards an
unexpected public holiday.

(Why 25?" you ask. I could have bought 1 for $5 total including shipping. I got the 25 for $15 total.)


Taphophile said...

I do like the cupcake decoration.

27 key pads for $15 is a great deal!

Victoria said...

Hi there, thanks for the tip on alternatives to transfer paper - it was expensive! I like those unfinished dolls house rugs. Victoria.

drey said...

hi... i can't seem to contact you via that email link above... is it working? :)

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Drey: err no it wasn't but all fixed now.

Thanks for noticing :-)