Saturday, November 10, 2007


Nothing much to report today. It was a late night last night so I had a slow start to the day and the trend continued.

There was a quick run to the supermarket when I realised there was no milk for tea, a visit from a mechanically minded friend who spent some time with me trying to work out why Miss Daisy's interior light isn't working (and in the process we buggered up the horn. Oops - I think Miss Daisy is off to the car doctor next week...) a little bag making (order finished and ready to pack so I can post it tomorrow. Yay!), some washing, food making, tidying, blog reading and wash cloth knitting, bed making and magazine sorting.

None of which is really blog-worthy let alone photograph-worthy.

Maybe I should share the song which started going through my head yesterday and I guess will be around for a while (which is a pity because I hate it hate it HATE IT!):


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Well I guess I know what I'll be humming on the train today. Man, I thought it was a woman until he started to sing.