Friday, February 01, 2008

Dear Easter Bunny

Yes, I know it's a little early but since Hot Cross Buns have been in the supermarket since January 1st I figured you're probably already on the job.

Any chance you can drop off a ticket for this for Easter this year? Failing that this would be fine as would this...

Yours ever so hopefully
The Shopping Sherpa

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Janet McKinney said...

Dear Shopping Sherpa

Just to let you know that it is never too early to ask the Easter Bunny for something. I work all year round making chocolate eggs for good little boys and girls.

I have checked my "GOod Girl" list, and have found that you have recently redeemed your cruise voucher. As was stated on the original contract for Easter bunny Cruises, cruise vouchers can only be redeemed once every two years.

This gives you enough time to build up Cruise Voucher Points through being nice to your friends, going on shopping jaunts with them when they have a day off, and introducing them to Cassidys in Kingston.

Today is your lucky day!!!

Easter Bunny