Monday, October 27, 2008

Modern Miniatures on Monday: a house to keep me company for the next few months...

My fifteenth house, the Triang V, arrived three weeks ago but I haven't had a chance to blog it until now.It was in better nick than I'd feared and there were some added bonuses that I either hadn't read properly in the listing (like the original box, assembly instructions and a price list of other Triang items available at the time) or they hadn't mentioned (the chimney! All the missing broken doors and windows!)

Here's the only intact door:isn't it fabulous?

I always knew the house was a fixer upper from the original auction photo but it's all fairly easy stuff. Removing the original owner's scribbles.Fixing the roof.Sorting out a few structural repairs, both insideand outand, before anything else, giving the whole thing a jolly good clean!
Join me next week as I start the restoration.
(Part one of a series about the renovation of my Triang V bungalow. Read Part twoPart threePart four, Part fivePart six, and Part seven.)


callsmall said...

Hi there,
What a fabulous house, and I see you have been restoring it. I'm doing a little DIY on dollhouse furniture -- any advice on the best glue to use for fabric? I am reupholstering a couch and need to attach the arms. Thanks!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

PVA or Aileen's Tacky are your best bets as they tend to dry clear(if you don't have tacky glue, just pop some PVA onto a dish and leave it out for a while so it thickens up)