Monday, November 10, 2008

Modern Miniatures on Monday: Tearing down the Triang

Don't panic: it's not as bad as it sounds!

Since the house came with the original assembly instructions and the design meant it was a simple matter to dismantle the house (see the corner blocks with screws in the picture below? Six of those hold the whole house together from the base up, fastened with large nuts on the tops in the ceiling cavity. I was initially worried that there was some parts of the house which had moved out of alignment but I now know that's a easy fix!)OK, maybe not quite so simple as the wiring also ran up into the ceiling cavity where the switched are mounted. So I had to dissemble the switch mountings and remove the wiring before I could do anything else. Still not sure what my final decision will be about the wiring. It's obviously original (as an added extra option) but I'm not sure I trust it not to set fire to the house after all these years and, as you can see, it's done nasty things to the floor coverings in the upstairs rooms...)

Also in the ceiling cavity was this:Don't worry Vivien, your house will be well loved! (I'm keeping that bit of graffiti right where it is.)

So with the roof off, the nuts unscrewed and the wiring removed from the switches I could lift the upstairs ceiling off then remove the front edge and corner blocks:gently slide the upstairs floor out:remove the side and internal walls from the front blocks, then unscrew them as well.

Resulting in something that looks like the aftermath of a giant earthquake:Next up: some major cleaning!

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