Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Bendigo or Bust Road Trip (Day Three)

And on Day Three there were only three photos. I think this is a fairly common theme for bloggers:

Go on a trip.

Day One: Photograph everything. Several times. "For the blog"
Day Two: Take a few photos. When you remember. "Blog? Oh yeah. I remember."
Day Three: "Blog? What blog?!"

So here are my Day Three photos:

1. We started the day back at Scribblers for breakfast. Sackville & Lane was open. We bought nothing. The Lost Sock Office was still not open. We bought nothing. Happy Spider tried on a dress that had tantalised her from a store window on Sunday. She bought nothing.

We set off to find the Woollen Mills the back way without checking the map because I. Can. Find. Anything.


We found Kmart. We both needed to pee so I stopped. And, as we have been trained to have a Pavlovian reflex to Kmart, we then headed straight to the wool department where I texted Taph:

"In Wangaratta. Thought we should buy you some wool. So went to Kmart."

(God we're evil.)But it's true. We cleaned them out of Jet. I wonder if Kmart Head Office keeps track of sales....

"Odd. We have these random days where someone comes along and cleans a store completely out of sale-priced Jet. I thought we had a handle on it and it only seemed to be happening in the ACT but today, suddenly, it happened in Wangaratta!"2. For most mere mortals that would be enough of a wool frenzy for one morning. But we're Extreme Shoppers so (having worked out where we were and where the mills were) we sussed out the boot (full) and the back seat (looking promising apart from 2 cartons of tomatoes and misc travelling crap) and pointed Miss Daisy wool-ward.

It was the first day Australian Country Spinners was open after the Christmas break (lucky us) and the woman behind the counter had our number soon after we arrived. "I've got a couple of nutty girls here" we overheard her tell a friend on the phone "but they're harmless"

No idea what tipped her off. Maybe the sight of us ransacking her stock bins in a very systematic way with little tourette-like squeals: "Silk Road!", "Inca!", "Jet!"

I bought two lots of wool, neither for me. We won't discuss what Happy Spider bought: that's her story to tell (or not)

3. On the way home we stopped in at Morrison's cafe in Holbrook again. I'd been eyeing up their ice cream on the way down and had decided my trip wouldn't be complete without a taste (and the opportunity to buy that tea towel if I really really couldn't live without it) And it was worth it (the ice cream, not the tea towel which stayed on the rack). I had a three scoop cone of rhubarb, coconut and mandarin. It was divine. Pity I didn't make a note of what the brand was (or take a photo).

But I did take this:3. Two little Toyota Secas patiently waiting for their owners outside the cafe. I almost unlocked the wrong one until I noticed a suspicious lack of wool, tinned tomatoes and jam pots (don't ask) in the back seat. Even odder, the other Seca had ACT plates too...

Then we drove home.


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The Old Flame said...

Your goal for your next road trip. Call into every 2nd Kmart you pass, and clean them out of sale price Jet.

Then on the way home, stop into the Kmarts you missed and clean them out too.

If someone in head office does keep track of sales it will confuse them.