Saturday, January 31, 2009

Summertime bounty

Look! From the garden:Unfortunately not from my garden. Things aren't looking too good out there:but I take comfort in the fact that at least this year it's taken two extra months before all my plants die on me. That's progress, right?!

The massive zucchini, cucumbers and the Italian parsley are from a colleague at work who was saying she was overwhelmed by giant zucchini and masses of parsley and seemed quite surprised that I offered to take any she didn't want. Until I explained that I had a very good distribution system worked out and that they should end up feeding 5 households and I could probably get her lemons and plums in return if she needed them. Which she seemed quite excited about.

These really are giant zucchini.They make last year's delivery look like a dwarf variety...

The cherry tomatoes are from J&M and were swapped for zucchini #1 (not shown).

I'm loving this too-ing and fro-ing of free produce and have been incubating a mad plan to set up a Fruit tree register in Canberra (if there isn't one already). You've heard of Freecycle (where people offer stuff they no longer want for free and other people who need it take it): I'm thinking of Fruitcycle where people with trees (or crops) they can't or won't use can register and be matched up with people who will use the produce that would otherwise go to waste, perhaps supplying the tree owner with jam, chutney or preserves in return.

I'm sure there are issues I haven't even considered which means it won't float: if I fall out of your tree while picking your fruit are you liable? If you eat my chutney and get sick can you sue me? Could some unscrupulous person use the info to work out who's elderly and lives alone with nasty consequences?

While I think about that you'll find me searching through my recipes to find something that uses a rather large amount of zucchini. Preferably without needing a beater or blender: still broken, alas...

Oh, and if you're at a loose end tomorrow morning you might like to tune in to ABC 666 around 10:40am. Just saying.


Elizabeth said...

Fruitcycle sounds like a wonderful idea. A couple of summers ago I was so inundated with plums that I just didn't know what to do with them all (alas, I know now I should have made jam - but I didn't.} I gave bag loads away to the neighbours but we still ended up with masses just rotting on the tree. It would have been really good to have had someone make use of them. Sadly, this past summer there were only about two dozen plums the whole season - very disappointing!!

gripes girl said...

Zucchini grated, sauteed in butter then stock added makes a lovely thin soup. For more bulk add a spud or two when you add the stock. Oh and puree it, a stick blender will do the job. Or just eat it with a bit of structure still. Bit of garlic, bit of onion, some cream, whatever works. Lovely. Also freezes really well. Just don't add the cream until you are ready to eat, not sure how well it would reheat.

Grate it then freeze it for soup in winter.

Otherwise I have a recipe for a cake that only needs a hand whisk...but it only uses about a cup of grated zucchini in that one.

Leonie said...

Found this link for apple and courgette (zucchini) chutney on one of the other blogs I check out:

Rita Maria said...

I think it is a truly great idea!