Friday, January 16, 2009

It's a good thing I've have a Road Trip to blog about

Otherwise you'd be reading posts that are a litany of complaints:

"It's HOT! I haven't slept properly since I got home!"

"I've still not been brave enough to try the smoky marmalade. But I bought some extra citrus fruit to start again just in case"
"A dog bit me on the thigh and it hurts!"
"But not as much as the site on my arm where I got stabbed by a piece of the box cage at Lyneham IGA yesterday evening while collecting boxes for mailing eBay sales!"
"Which means I no longer feel the paper cut I got on my finger while filing yesterday (hang on, that's almost good!)"
"I'm GRUMPY! I hate FILING! And in a slightly unrelated rant, I'm back to over 100 emails in my home inbox."
"Finally, to cap it all off I discovered today that something I'd gone in to work especially on January 2nd to do (and which looked wonderful and lovely) has completely disappeared and so I'm halfway through doing it for a second time... ARGHHHHH!!!!"


Olivia said...
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Olivia said...

Oh crap, I'm really sorry. I'm the only person Elvis has ever over-excitedly done that to before.