Thursday, January 22, 2009

Introducing a week of giveaways

I'm concentrating on other things rather than the blog. That present for Dad, for instance (still on track with that, I'm pleased to say!) I'm also busy clearing stuff out. And I'm finding treasures that aren't "me" but seem to precious to just fling back into the op shop carousel.

So I thought, since I didn't do anything to mark my 10,000th visitor and my third blogiversary is fast approaching on February 4th, a week of giveaways would be a good idea.

It's the usual deal: Each day, leave a comment if you'd like the item(s). I'll pick the winner as I post the next day's offering. And I'll post anywhere in the world.

First up:
Issue One of World Sweet World magazine (now sold out). I bought a copy at Craft 2.0 back in March and last week succumbed to buying a set of the first four issues when it was announced stocks were low.

So if you need to complete your collection or (better still) have been intrigued by the publication and don't want to subscribe until you have a closer look (I'm hoping for the second option so then the lovely Hannah and Thomas sell more mags!) leave a comment below.


InMyPlace said...

I like that giveaway idea! Here is another: first in best dressed???

Anonymous said...

Ooh, yes please (although I know I've only just received some lovely cotton yarn from you so understand if I'm disqualified.)

Millie said...

Contratulations on three years of blogging. I don't know how you keep so regular. Months fly by and I realise I haven't done a single entry. The clearing out is still going stong in the world of Pinklil, I just havent't updated on the blog yet. (see previous sentence!)
Keep up the good work.
P.S. I have just discovered the Colleen Moore fairy dolls house in Chicago. Are you familiar with it?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Obviously I'm not wanting to win the prize (although... perhaps then we could re-sell it now that we're all out...), but just wanted to say hello and conrats and thanks for giving one of our mags away as part of your celebration!

xx Hannah + Thomas

AMCSviatko said...


Does this amswer your question?:


Unknown said...

Ooh, I'd like to win. I just bought the latest edition and am tempted to get a subscription but am also trying to budget.