Sunday, January 04, 2009

It's not easy being green

This was the scene in my front yard yesterday afternoon:One dead Flymo which expired in a puff of smoke (yes I know it's upside down, I don't usually mow like that!) So now I have a lawn that looks like it has a mullet and decisions to make.

As you may remember I love getting things fixed rather than replacing them (wherever possible and practicable)

A google search for Flymo smok* tells me that this is probably a fatal (and rather common) puff of smoke. Do I want to pay the lawnmower fixit place to tell me this on the off chance that it's actually a cheap and easy fix?

Should I take this as a sign to go green and get a push mower?

Serendipitously, when I go inside for a cup of tea and a ponder (and to email J to see if I can borrow their mower to finish the job) I discover the latest Home New Zealand has an article about lawns and mowing options in its green section:I rather like this idea: (but I doubt the landlord (or the cat) would and I'm pretty sure there's a law against it...)

And I could so imagine riding round the yard on this:Except it's just a prototype :-(

J calls me back and says she's happy for me to borrow their mower. And since I've been letting her use Miss Daisy on a time-share basis when I'm not using her, perhaps I'd like use their mower when I need it on a similar basis?



Anonymous said...

The cycle mower is glorious! Work out while you cut your grass, not it worth strange looks from your neighbours..? yes!

Anonymous said...

The sheep is not against the law in ACT and you will find a sheep doing exactly that in on the corner of Madigan and Skeats Street, hackett. it's been munching their lawn for 10 years +

Anonymous said...

My Mum bought herself a push mower last summer (v cheap from Amazon) and despite all protestations that it would be too much for her at her age to cut the grass that way, the push mower has proved to be very light and easy to use, and much easier than an electric mower as there is no cable to faff about with. I'm now seriously considering getting myself one too.

AF4564 said...

Haha! I love the sheep!

Olivia said...

you are welcome to borrow our (old, fossil fuel guzzling) mower, though it's working at the old house for another day or two. My dad has recently bought the Victa mower with a rechargable battery and it looks fantastic - lightweight, no smell, starts easily.