Thursday, January 29, 2009

The week that was

How was your week? I had a grand time while on my faux blog break:

* I watched Mamma Mia (big thumbs down) and Factory Girl (big thumbs up) on DVD.
* I spent Australia Day listening to The Triple J hottest 100 as any good Aussie should. I knitted, too: not sure how Australian that was but needs must as that Feb 4th deadline is fast approaching...

* I cleaned out the garage for the first time in ten years. Things have taken a bit longer than expected (a friend who offered to help set up shelving was sick) but should be done and dusted by this weekend after a trip to the tip.
* I finished reading the copy of Affluenza I borrowed from the Library on Quilting Mick's recommendation. Library books are stressful, I've decided...
* My sample Moo postcards arrived:
They're very nice but a tad too expensive to consider reselling so I'm visiting local printers this week.
* I helped demount my exhibition and dealt with the influx of boxes into Chez TSS.
* I successfully managed to not buy lunch twice and instead trotted home from town and created delicious meals from the freezer. I'm so proud of myself!
* I enrolled part time in Design Fundamentals and remembered what I loved most about school: the list of stationery you had to buy before school began. On my list is very exciting stuff like a visual diary, charcoal and a smock. That last one has me intrigued and wondering if I'll look like a complete tosser if I make me something interesting out of Stash Mountain rather than buy one...

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Taphophile said...

A smock from stash mountain would be the most designery of things to do.