Monday, January 26, 2009

A week of giveaways day five: music on Monday

Anyone who knows me knows I think Vince Clarke is a God. And one of those people gave me two Erasure CDs that she found going spare. Only problem is, I already have them!

Erasure (1995) Which contains two of my fave Erasure tracks:

Rock me Gently

and Fingers and Thumbs

(The fact both videos are in black and white is completely coincidental!)

Cowboy (1997) Leave a comment and I'll chose the winner tomorrow morning...

Yesterday's winner was Kewpie:Pease email me your address and I'll get your apron in the mail this week!


Altera said...

I'm not entering (because I already have both these albums and already won earlier this week as well - so please redraw if my number comes up) but I wanted to comment because I luuuuurv Erasure.

Have been to every concert since the Wild tour. When I saw them on their Nightbird tour, I cried! (silly i know)

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I'm so jealous! I saw them in Sydney on their Tiny Tour in 1997 (and shook hands with Vince during the signing at Fish Records the next day) and then again in London for The Other Tour (May 2003)