Friday, January 16, 2009

A last minute change of name and we're good to go...

A colleague and her marmalade-loving mother (who happen to also be the owners of a certain apricot tree) visited earlier this evening. So I declared them guinea pigs, toasted up a couple of crumpets, pulled out a cheese slice and a jar of the smoky marmalade. After the sniff test produced comments of "that smells rather good" we did the taste test. And it was declared A OK. In fact there were discussions about whether it would be better used as a marmalade on toast or as an ingredient in a pork stuffing, a ham glaze, a sauce for very good sausages or served with ricotta or mascarpone cheese.

The praise was so abundant I declared all the jars should go live with them immediately. I've decided I'll send the newly designed labels along later after gaining inspiration from this clip:

Introducing the "When Smokey sings" limited edition 2009 boutique marmalade.

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