Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The road trip in numbers

If three items are considered a collection then three occurrences constitute a tradition, right?


* We were away 2 nights.

* We travelled 1,400 kilometres across 2 states and 1 territory. There was 1 scarf completed and 2 other projects worked on in the passenger seat while I drove.
* We visited 11 op shops, 1 second hand bookshop (on the recommendation of rooruu) and 1 junque shop (see here for details of my last visit).
* We ate 2 times at the fabulously coeliac-friendly Scribbler's Cafe in Wangaratta (66 Reid St).
* We admired over 100 beautiful outfits at this exhibition.
* We visited 3 wool factory outlet shops. And 1 tinned goods factory outlet. Which closed 2 minutes after we arrived (there may have been some slight speeding to get there on time...)
* We had 1 swim (each) and watched 1 trashy movie.
* We were computer and internet free for 62 hours and I returned to discover I've passed my 10,000th visitor to this blog since I started counting.
* And now I have 67 photos to download, 4 bags to unpack, 4 days work ahead of me and it's 10 o'clock and time for bed...
* But first, I have 1 burning question. I spotted this at the Uniting Care op shop in Bendigo: Where's the box of unwashed handkerchiefs?


Taphophile said...

and would you want them?

Emma said...

Those boxes are from my favourite op shop in Bendigo. Despite the funny titles, I love how organised that part of the shop is.