Sunday, January 25, 2009

Seven Things Spring/ Summer 2008 Week 21: more to come

This week's figures are good but there's more to come. I've not yet counted a number of what my mother used to call "cow pats" (little random piles of stuff) I have here and there around the house which are on test runs: ie: I don't think I'll be too worried if they go but I decided to leave them in a pile for a week to see if I have the sudden realisation that I just can't live without them.

I also have the giveaways waiting to go but decided to send them all at the end of the week in case somebody wins two of them. And my Black and White Swap is ready to go when the Post Office reopens after the long weekend. There's also the first garage clear out in ten years (a lot of which can't be counted: dead pegs and scrubbing brushes from the last tenant, packing from inside boxes I have out there: that sort of stuff which I define as consumable and therefore not counted)


* 1 Living Etc magazine (newsagents)
* 1 sewing pattern (gift)
* 4 back issues of
World Sweet World magazine
* 1 Portrait magazine (
National Portrait Gallery)
* 1 Elle Decor magazine (subscription)
* 1 CD (eBay)

Total In this week: 9


* 1 dead lawnmower: dump
* 1 Portrait magazine, 1 AU marie claire, 1 Madison magazine: lunchroom at work
* 2 blank canvases and 1 frame (bought to try screen printing) which I'll never use, 1 too small belt, 1 set picnic cups, 2 skirts which I obviously don't want as they're sat in the ironing pile for over a year: op shop
* 28 fiction books: Lifeline
* 1 set
Steady Sticks: donated to The Old Flame after he provided my poor still-blenderless household with supplies of home made hummus...

Total Out this week: 40


* Secret squirrel birthday present for Dad
* Stitch markers for Swap Bot Swap

Net items out so far during Seven Things Spring/ Summer 2008: 178

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