Monday, January 05, 2009

Modern Miniatures on Monday: The perfect early birthday present?

Vintage Triang No 53 Art Deco "suntrap" dolls house. Just under a week to go on eBay UK, current bid £600.00 (AU $1,256.11)

Dreams are free, right?


Anonymous said...

This is such a lovely house !!

Janet McKinney said...

At first glace - I thought you were given an early birthday present, and I though - geez, she will be pleased... ha ha. Over $1000 and a week to go!! Wouldn't that just be fun to decorate up

Cherry ・ チェリー ・ 체리  said...

If I win lots of money... just maybe... :P

Kim Velk said...

It is cool. I am not a collector or expert or anything, but it is really cool.