Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A day in my life (pictorially)

Sometimes I love the fact I've completely forgotten about what photos I've taken during the course of a day until I download them (speaking of downloading, am I the only blogger who seems to rely on their blog as auxiliary memory? Once downloaded to the blog I can forget what I did yesterday as it's fully retrievable...)

I finally remembered to download today's camera contents and came up with variations on the following:
7:45am: nest trials with cogs. Taken in the bathroom where the light is particularly good first thing in the morning.9:58am: very cool Where the Wild Things Are graffiti spotted on the side of the (still empty) ex-Starbucks (or perhaps it's viral marketing for the film?)9:59 am: Close up thereof (just because)...1:52 pm A photo I took of our exhibition last week which was out of focus so I wanted to re shoot.1:59 pm: Ditto...

Fancy sharing A day on your camera? (no cheating, mind...)

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Eileen said...

I really like the nest.