Friday, September 11, 2009

Signs of spring

* Giant tulips popping up round town: * A new IKEA catalogue
* The arrival of my
2010 diary insert
* Finally getting my tax stuff into the Accountant (and the news of a refund)
* The big fat September issue of US Vogue landing in my post box
* Dead-looking things springing back to life (including my other dead camera and the return of
the eBay purchase with the purple screen of death from free repairs at Canon. No excuse to buy a new camera then...)
* Getting excited about the Canberra Theatre Subscription Season launch for 2010 (which is still a few weeks away, but feeling tantalisingly close.)


Sally said...

My son is sitting with me as we watch "puter" and he is most impressed with those wonderful oversized tulips. What a wonderful photo - I just love the colour of the sky.

JustJess said...

Sally - that sky colour is Canberra-blue! Even when there's ice on the car the sky is stunning.

WHERE do you get your Ikea catalogue please?! Or have you recently been up nth? I am desperately in need of the latest catalogue!

goldy said...

The colourful Giant Tulips looks beautiful...I liked the picture

jaxon said...

wow.. nice post on gaint tulips. i like this tulips very much.