Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Tying up loose ends...

...for the Unravel exhibition which opens at Craft ACT tomorrow night. There's lots of knitting(Including these slippers, about 10 cm long):and the colours of all the works seem to flow into a sea of lovely muted spring-like shades (or maybe it was the grey rain-sodden light causing that?)These tulips reminded me of the plastic tulip lights I used to own in New Zealand and also of the graffitied leaves I saw at Tjiboau in May:
Speaking of tulips, Floriade starts this weekend: do you notice the giant tulips out the window in this photo of Belinda Jessup setting up her work?(They appeal to my obsession with unexpected scale.)

Finally, here's my favorite photo of the day (and already being used as my desktop wallpaper). It vaguely reminds me of
a Rosalie Gascoigne piece I saw when I went to see Reinventions: sculpture + assemblage at The NGA and some old Dutch paintings I've seen.(Pity I forgot to find out who's work it is...)

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i like it!
bye bye from france