Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Do you see what I see?

(aka Things I noticed while at class last night)

Look! A bird!And a fish!(Complete with trailing poo...)

This thingy looked like a funny cartoon character. I gave him eyes and teeth and called him Mr Sprocket (don't ask why, OK?): And this thingy looked like a robot face when the light hit it just right:
Mr Sprocket got added to over the course of the evening:
And when I packed his bits away I made another fish with the sketch and another bit of printer intestine:
Meanwhile I started experimenting with my natural object (a pile of eucalyptus bark) by soaking it in a jar of hot water to see how malleable it became. After trialing a bit of bending I got a piece that looked like a number 9. So I added a 7 and an 8 (which somehow turned into another robot) and got this:Which turned into this: And then I went home.


Di said...

Dear PhotoShoppingSherpa,
Cool. The 7 8 9 10 reminds me of the stop motion sequences I used to see on Sesame Street when I was a little tike.

Sally said...

Wow that first bird is really rather freaky. I certainly see it!