Sunday, September 20, 2009

How I spent my day off (Part One)

1. Sorting out my office and getting rid of financial stuff from 7 years ago.

2. Feeding a friends' cats and eating the chocolate they (the friends, not the cats) left out for me.

3. Attending a talk at
National Archives where Senator Kate Lundy discussed the international origins of the Griffin Canberra Plan.

4. Then across to
National Gallery for The Big Draw. Many of you will have heard me say having my Knitta Please piece was the nearest I was ever going to get to having my work hanging in The National Gallery (even if it was just outside the doors).

I was wrong. Here's a very blurry photograph the Official Photographer took with my camera of me adding to the I am wall (she took other photos with her own camera and has promised to email them to me. I'll upload them as soon as I get them!):
(The sign says Look Mum! I'm hanging in the National Gallery of Australia!! )

Here's a sketch I did over lunch in the Members' Lounge:
And the sketches I did of the chap I nicknamed The Writhing Man at the Swing High, Swing Low drawing station (only my second ever life drawing experience...) (Blind contour drawing)(Details)

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