Sunday, September 06, 2009

Wallpaper willpower

Anyone who's been reading this blog for a while (*waves at the readers who have bumped into me IRL recently*) knows that, for the last couple of years, September 1st has marked the beginning of the Seven Things challenge.

This year I'm not doing it (officially) and Taph's not doing it (officially). But, as we said when we met at the movies on Friday night, that doesn't mean the habit hasn't stuck like some Pavlovian reflex (I have to add: we were knitting Time Thief Watch Caps. Something we haven't done for far too long: both the knitting and the Time Thief Watch Caps)

Realising that a film crew will be descending on The Room of Shame in just over a month's time, I've decided some serious work is need to turn it into a Room of Pride. To deal with the horror of facing the whole room at once, I've decided to deal with one thing each day. This morning before work I decided my stack of Urbis and Wallpaper back issues should be moved into my design/ workroom (which is crying out for a set of these to store them rather than having them stacked on the floor under the desk...)

All well and good. Except the Librarian in me is having difficultly dealing with the fact I have Urbis back to issue one and Wallpaper only back to issue 50. I'm so very tempted to trawl eBay for the missing 50 issues to add to the collection but I'm standing strong.

For now...

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Rebecca said...

50 is an excellent number to start from. Apart from the fact that trawling ebay for the others would take far too much time in the month you have to turn your Room of Shame (hate to think what that makes mine - Rooms of Abject Embarrassment?) into a Room of Pride, you would end up with dribs and drabs of issues 1-49, which would be EVEN WORSE than not having any of them.
In my humble opinion. In case you were interested.