Friday, September 04, 2009

Alphabet soup Friday

A is for Agee Pyrex: my third lot in the same pattern (dammit, definitely a collection then). Casserole dish (without lid, alas): $5 Vinnies Dickson. I actually picked it up on Monday but haven't got around to photographing it until now... B is for the book I requested from the Library to do some research into just what I've got myself into. I have a DVD on request too and plan to track down the magazines next time I'm in the correct library... C is for car. I picked Miss Daisy up on the way home tonight. Yippee!

D is for daisies (or sad lack thereof). Luckily I had a few spare large sized daisies in reserve (and have ordered more)
E is for equation: Taph and I are doing a swap tonight. Apparently one Sunbeam Mixmaster, a Clarice Cliff book and half a bag of aluminium cans is equal to a Flymo push mower, a pair of Doc Martens and a load of frozen tomato soup (although that last lot's not coming tonight)

F is for films. We're
seeing two tonight. If we can keep awake...

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Rebecca said...

Do you not watch Collectors, then? Or are you just being extremely thorough in your research before you're filmed?