Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What's been happening round here since I last blogged*

(A dot point post)

* I received an email from someone wanting to use a photo I took of
Good Living Growers' Market in a book about the very urban renewal project our class went to a talk about two weeks ago. Very weird synergy.
* A Terence Conran book I didn't even know existed until I found it (and bought it) during a preliminary search of resources for my Designers in context class arrived.I inhaled it (both literally and figuratively) while I waited for my bus and spent a happy few minutes mulling over the fact it was fully tax deductible...

* I spent yesterday (of course) at Craft ACT: envelope stuffing in the morning and attending our Ruth Lane-Poole symposium at CMAG in the afternoon (with time out to cut up pears and arrange crackers, cheese and biscuits on plates for the afternoon tea.)

OK, I lie slightly. I also found time to take photos of the inside of one of the doors in the CMAG women's toilets (as you do): it had got me thinking about ways to combine the two components of
The Big Very Important (Scary) Final Brief:* Back upstairs at Craft ACT, more photos of one of the works for our upcoming Unravel exhibition which gave me even more food for thought...(If you've not already worked it out I'm exploring ways that my stringybark can be transformed into some kind of woven object (like a kete), fabric or rope: I suspect there is a large amount of research into traditional Aboriginal use of stringybark in my near future...)

* I spent yesterday evening reading a Library book which was due back yesterday. And drinking wine.
From a cask.

* At 6am this morning I was rummaging round the
Dyson website and preparing a presentation for tonight's class.

* To add excitement to my workday (spent in spreadsheet hell), I finally received a call from
The Collectors, asking if I could be available for filming (see the owner of the CMAG exhibitor before me's clip here) A free trip to Tasmania? Errr... Can we talk again next year when life isn't quite so frantic and I don't have a Big Very Important (Scary) Final Brief?

* Tonight's class was spent looking at lots of designers' websites (there is some utter dross out there) and watching the
Freestyle DVD. I was going to link to my blog post about seeing Freestyle in Melbourne but it would seem that nightclubbing, drinking, op shopping, buying stationery (and learning to use predictive text) was far more interesting that some boring design exhibition)

* At breaktime I was sidetracked from the coffee drinking and chatting by
an exhibition by Mirree Louise Bayliss in our cafe. And, serendipitously, more inspiration for The Big Very Important (Scary) Final Brief:(Is it just me who thinks that picture looks like a plan of Canberra?)(images courtesy of the website as I'd left my camera in the classroom. Artworks by Mirree, a Contemporary Aboriginal Artist from Wiradjuri country in NSW. Visit her on Facebook or visit her website.)
* And then I got a lift home, wrote this post and will soon collapse into bed.

The End

(*Was it only yesterday morning?)


Janet McKinney said...

You are doing Collectors. How very exciting - and deserved.... Ohhhhhhh Have they filmed the collection yet - or does that only come closer to the time you go and visit. Wheeeee

As you can imagine, that is essential viewing at my place - even if sometimes I have to use the ABC catch up site.... LOVe Gordon - well the others are cute too....

Taphophile said...

Excuse me? You put The Collectors off?

We'll talk.

Michelle said...

What Taph said x 2.

Also, I'm not too sure how you are finding the time to sleep!

Rebecca said...

Oh wow, that will be great to have you and your collection on Collectors. My Mum keeps saying there haven't been any dolls houses (except one a few years ago), and that my houses should go on it, and I keep thinking of how they're squeezed in all round the (messy) house, or not set up properly yet ...
So when do they film the collection, and you? DO let us know when it will be on (especially so I've bought a new TV in time!)

perempuan said...

Imagine doing the Collector PLUS op-shopping madness in Hobart! Mad not to. :-)

Looking forward to see your episode.