Sunday, December 04, 2016

And I think it's gonna be a long long time...

My friend Tina and I went on an art date yesterday and visited Beaver Galleries to check out their Small Works 2016 exhibition.

As I hoped, there was a new Alex Asch to drool over:
Woman standing in front of a miniature building in an art gallery.
(I tried to take some photos of the inside, but there are much better ones in an album on his Facebook page...)
View through the window of a miniature building.
Facade of a miniature building in an art gallery.
(I ignored the little voice inside my head evilly suggesting that it would be a perfect 'Well done, you got a fabulous ongoing job and a pay rise' gift to myself...)

Other favourite pieces in the Small Works exhibition included Bunretsu (schism) by Kenji Uranishi: 
Woman looking at small porcelain buildings in a gallery.
 which reminded me of Le Corbusier apartment buildings,
Small porcelain building-shaped works in a gallery.
and this (actually quite large) gold pear by Nick Wirdnam, which I would have brought home to add to my collection, had I had a spare $2,700 banging round.
Large black and gold pear and apple on display in a gallery.
 I also loved these small folded book pieces by Maryann Mussared:
Small folded book art on display in a gallery.
but wasn't tempted by them as I already own a (larger) piece by her.

Other pieces for sale in the gallery shop, that I would have been tempted by if I had pots of money include City of the Dead by Ruth Oliphant:
 (I do love her work).
And I think Reader kneeling by Patricia Lawrence would look perfect on my front porch, don't you?
Large statue of a girl reading displayed in a gallery garden.
Oh well, dreams are free...

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Tina said...

Dont' you just hate it when the "money is no object when it comes to miniatures" thought flashes in our brains.