Friday, December 09, 2016

Finish it off Friday: Off my trolley

This week's pick is the tea trolley I made in the NZAME Convention workshop back in October, and brought home naked (as I needed to decide if I wanted to paint it white or black).
Modern miniature tea trolley on a workbench with a tin of stain and a bag of miniature castors next to it.
As I was sorting through my blog for the round-up posts I'm doing this month, I realised that I already have a white tea trolley. And a black tea trolley. So, really, the only choice for my latest tea trolley was stained.

As I rummaged through the 'staining stuff' shelf on my work bench this afternoon, I found a jar that Past Me had filed there.

'Walnut stain/varnish with 10% turps (first coat)' the label stated. I figured I should trust Past Me (although I had no idea when I last used the contents, or why this concoction was a good idea).
Stained modern miniature tea trolley on a workbench with a jar of diluted walnut stain  next to it and a brush in front of it.
And blow me down, it looks just like teak!

Bugger a second coat: I'm stopping right here (except, possibly, the addition of a coat of clear varnish spray).


otterine said...

I agree about stopping here -- that's a lovely finish. :D

Jodi Hippler said...

Make sure you write yourself a note on the bottle so Future You knows that if you stop at one coat you get teak! You'll be glad you did! :O)

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Thanks otterine!

And Jodi, Future Me thanks you :-D

Sheila said...

That's just beautiful. Definitely the right choice to stop at one coat.