Thursday, December 29, 2016

Thursday (and not throwing in the towel)

As Daily Dolls' House December 2016 drags to an end, I'm feeling simultaneously chuffed that it looks like I'll reach my goal this year (as opposed to last time, where I didn't manage to meet my target), and exhausted. In a good way.

I'm also laughing at my plan to tidy my studio over the summer break: it was heading in the right direction until I started pulling boxes and drawers out at random to find items for the scenes I've been making. It's OK: I still have time to wrangle things into submission before I go back to work (and, more importantly, before my January flat inspection.)

One of the things I've been trying to do is get to those tasks that have been banking up 'until I have the time'. With ten whole days where I'm free to do what I want, I've been lecturing myself on the fact that if I don't start working on them now, when exactly will it happen? 

So this morning I dug out a vintage towel I op shopped years ago and thought that  the design would make great retro floor rugs. I grabbed my fabric scissors, took a deep breath, reminded myself that done was better than perfect, and started cutting.

And cutting. And cutting.
Two piles of cut-up towel pieces in retro designs of white, teal and red next to a pair of scissors.
Which led directly to a Fray-stop frenzy (because I knew if I didn't do it right away, the rug pieces would disappear back into stash, only to turn up on another blog post in a year or so as a Finish it off Friday project...)
Selection of miniature rugs in retro designs of white, teal and red laid out next to a bottle of fray stop
While I waited for the edges to dry I did a post office run. One of the things that was waiting for me was the MiWorld cookie shop that I'd picked up ridiculously cheaply from eBay: cheaply enough that I factored the per-piece cost of the accessories into my buying decision, not the structure itself.

As I unpacked it and set the wall and floor pieces aside, I realised I'd actually bought far more than a bunch of cheap accessories: I'd bought a solution to throwing up small scenes quickly, without having to tape various bits of cardboard together:
MiWorld cookie shop walls and floor assembled, with instructions next to it.
Suddenly, the accessories weren't the focus any more and the cost of the set became an absolute bargain. And the colours rather perfectly matched the rugs I'd just completed!
MiWorld cookie shop walls and floor assembled, with a miniature red Eames rocking chair and a round retro rug in colours of red, teal and white on the floor.
Since I plan to spend my afternoon out of the studio, I needed a quick 'proof of concept' scene for both the rugs and for my new staging solution, and came up with a retro living room.
One-twelfth scale miniature retro lounge with white walls, woodgrain and white display units, red Eames rocking chair and a round retro rug in colours of red, teal and white on the floor.
I'm still trying to decide if this is set in the 1960s-1970s,

One-twelfth scale miniature retro woodgrain and white display units containing various objects in red, teal, white and black.
or if the owner is just a retro freak...
One-twelfth scale miniature retro display shelving containing books, magazines, vases and various objects.
One-twelfth scale miniature retro display shelving containing books, a pot plant, glass bird and various other objects.


Tina said...

The set will provide many exciting staging opportunities. The design you presented in set was 70s to me. Neat rugs but what wii you do with them all?

Elizabeth S said...

Love your new cookie shop set, and you have certainly made it ring with a retro vibe!
I would have to agree with Tina in that your set up says 70's to me too, but I rather like the idea of a "Retro Freak" concept which allows you the freedom of anywhere in time.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Tina: thanks and good question! I have no idea right now: but probably use some and swap some (and possibly sell some at the March show, too...)

Elizabeth: 'retro freak' sounds like a concept I can continue using to create other room scenes from the same house :-)

Minis-B-Happenin' said...

Towels! Now that's a source I haven't tapped into yet. I've been trying to figure out how to duplicate a Kilim rug, this idea might be the ticket!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Minis-B-Happenin': you could always yoink an image from the interwebs and print it onto fuzzy paper...