Thursday, December 01, 2016


I'm home with a headache today: my brain is numbed with painkillers but I was still able to make some minis.

This challenge started with a Rement camera that my friend brought back from Japan for me earlier in the year. I decided it would work well with the dresser I bought at convention, and a picture I'd cut out of a Bose advertising mag that came with a Wallpaper magazine a while back.

Since I already had the concrete tile and wooden wall out for the scene I made yesterday, I decided to reuse both for today's scene (forgetting, I note, to replace the skirting board...), and filched the futon bed from Margell.

Suddenly, things were coming together.
Modern one-twelfth scale miniature bedroom scene.
And I made things! The doona cover fabric was a free Spoonflower sample from when they launched their eco canvas a couple of years ago: I'd planned to make into a suitably-themed doona cover for Margell. And then forgotten about until I started looking for fabric to work with what I'd picked for this scene.
Modern one-twelfth scale miniature futon bed with a doona cover designed to look like notebook paper.
I printed the rug on fuzzy paper: the design is from a full-page ad for the Govett Brewster Art Gallery that I pulled out of a magazine a few months ago: it was sitting under the Bowie picture in the pile and I thought they went well with each other. A quick scan, a quick print and I have a one-of-a-kind rug: which pleases me as not only does it suit the theme of the room, but reminds me of my visit to New Plymouth last month.

And this. My pièce de résistance:
Modern one-twelfth scale miniature pegboard shelving in wood, white and red.
I've been seeing a few miniature pegboard shelves around the placebased on the Kmart ones—and had been wanting to try making one myself. To this end, I picked up a piece of circuit board last time I was passing Jaycar and decided that since I had the time today (and a run of good crafting mojo), I'd have a crack, using what I had at home.

It's not perfect, but as a proof of concept, it's good enough and I plan to experiment further with the idea at a later date: possibly as a new stock item for my stall next year?

The thing I like about the shelf, is the range of gifted minis included on it. The cat and camera were from my friend Hannah. The arrow, from Kitty and Kat Miniatures. The box is from convention goodie bag. And the rubber flag? I picked that up in a carpark while I was in New Zealand...
Modern one-twelfth scale miniature leather satchel, boots and socks dumped on the floor at the end of a bed.


m1k1 said...

The pegboard is a brilliant idea.

Trudi Bee said...

Love this

Tina said...

Hope your headache is gone now - but what a productive day.The room looks FAB (as they used to say).

Sheila said...

Hope you're feeling better. What a sweet little scene. I just want to crawl into bed.

Pepper Mitcheson said...

Great scene. I especially love the bedding :0)

Mad For Mod said...

I love that you based the scene around David Bowie....Funny how things work out.

Elizabeth S said...

Everything you've used for this Starman bedroom scene is SPOT ON! Love your peg board self unit- Love the bedding which reminds me of high school loose-leaf paper, and Love each of the accessories you completed your incredibly COMFORTABLE bedroom with. The vintage rocket on the side table is such a Great tribute to the "Rocket man" himself- LOVE IT ALL!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Thanks guys! It was a wonderful feeling to have my mini mojo back :-D (And I love that you picked up my 'easter eggs').