Saturday, February 25, 2006

7:47 am and it's a good day already

I awoke to another beautiful blue skied Canberra day (and am very happy that we had a wee rain storm yesterday evening to keep the lawns green), and an email from Greater Union cinemas saying I'd won free tickets to go see Kinky Boots on Monday. Score!

The very next email was from The Erasure Information Service giving the US tour dates for the release of Union Street next year - and they are playing New York when I am just up the road in Philadelphia. Is a little diversion in order so I can say I've seen Erasure live on three continents? (First time was at The Metro in Sydney in August 1997 then London in May 2003. I also went to a meet and greet at Fish Records in Oxford Street Sydney in August 1997 and shook Vince Clarke's hand. Didn't have a digital camera at the time so I linked to someone else's pics)

I checked my messages on my mobile which went flat yesterday morning and had been charging overnight and blow me down there's one from an electrirican who wants to come AND INSTALL MY NEW OVEN on Monday! Cupcakes here I come!

(Of course I spoke too soon as Nibbs just came in being oddly friendly and jumped up onto my white cotton doona cover, shook his head and now my white cotton doona cover is a white cotton doona cover with red splashes. Yep - the beasty has been out fighting so I've had to play Florence Nightingale with a wet cotton wool ball. Good thing I planned to wash my bedding today anyway...)

Here's a little something that came home with me yesterday, Swap mystery number 2: On a final note, I'm guessing Nibbs is feeling better. Or maybe he's just playing dead to try and elicit some sympathy and steak:

(Soundtrack: Suzanne Vega, Songs in Red and Gray)


Anonymous said...

Nibbs knows how to live....

Pink Rocket said...

now you get a new oven!! I was going to send you bakeware too!! but, I didn't!! wah!! :(