Sunday, February 12, 2006

Free chocolate!

And here I was thinking it was already a good week for bargains as the best dip in the world (Wattle Valley Chunky Dip in Chilli Red) is on a "buy two get one free" deal at Woolies.

Then, last night, what did I stumble across?

Yup, not only is it FREE chocolate (well, I suppose you've got to pay for the stamp to return the barcode and receipt to them to get your refund) but it's LINDT! And, yes, it is delicious. Maybe I'll go back to Woolies and try the other free flavours...

And speaking of Lindt, Mum - if you're reading this here's a picture to gladden your heart:

It would seem that Woolies still has supplies of the limited edition dark dark chocolate balls. And they were on special. One of these boxes is earmarked for you, courtesy of B.

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