Saturday, February 18, 2006

Frugalling fun


To check out some op shops I'd not yet visited but had heard about (Vinnies at Curtin and Philip, Salvos at Weston, Salvos and YMCA at Jamieson then depending on my luck back to Salvos and Vinnies at Belco to finish up - meaning I could drop into the Post Office at the mall and post an eBay parcel I meant to post yesterday)

What I almost bought but didn't:
1. A black, red and grey checked blanket for $4. Until I remembered I had enough blankets.
2. A cool denim dress with printed blue daisies round the bottom I thought I could turn into an apron for B. Until I got it to the counter and they said it was $7, not $2 as I had thought (the staple from the price tag was masquerading as the bottom of the 2).
3. A felted grey men's jumper with cream and red stripes across the front which I thought I could try making a felted bag from. No price. The $7 I was quoted was too much for an experiment.
4. A groovy 1970s black and brown framed sketch of Sydney terrace houses for $8.50. I don't need any more art. (I might see if it's still there next time and just add to the 11 illegal picture hooks in my flat)
5. Cream Salter bathroom scales with embossed daisies across the top. But then I'd probably end up weighing myself occasionally to justify the $10 they would have cost and who really wants to do that?

What actually made it home with me:
1. Three more books. Like I need books. Did I mention I have a pile of stuff to read on the dresser next to my bed that would make me look like Flat Stanley if we ever have an earthquake? And still I buy more books. But you see I actually have a fairly watertight excuse in the "I'll buy 'em cheap, read them on the plane too and from the States and dump them" reasoning. Except I know from past experience I just lug them home again. Anyway: three books: $6 total.

2. One picture. Like I need ... (oh, sorry, already been there, haven't we?) It was cool. It was $5. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. Maybe I could hang it in the laundry and find a matching light fitting to hang from the ceiling and go for the whole "retro modern Chinese laundry" look. Whatever. I'm sure I'll find a home for it. Somewhere. Sometime.

3. One black and brown tapa cloth pattern linen fabric piece. Still had a price tag attached ($3.45) and a rather nasty stain which I figured I could try getting out. Especially as it was only 90c (they wanted $1 but I had 90c change or a $20 note). The cloth is currently in the wash. Prognosis is good. Do I just hem it and use it as a cloth? Do I make a cushion out of it? Or a bag?

4. White and black enamel billy which declared it wanted to come home and live with my crafting supplies in the corner of my kitchen. I ignored the fact I was already $1.90 over budget and coughed up the $1 it cost. Then left while I was (almost) ahead.

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Atta girl, Skip'!