Friday, February 24, 2006

*Insert evil laughter here*

My Vintage Vixen Swap partner posted lovely pics of the packages which will be winging their way to me in the very near future - propelling me into a frenzy of wondering and guessing and jumping up and down with excitement that such wonderful looking goodies should be winging (or sailing, depending on finances - can I just say now, GLOBAL PRIORITY?)

Sorry, where was I? Oh yes. So nasty wicked evil me thought it might be fun (who for, yet to be decided, but me at least) to post a picture a day of a hint of what I'll be packing up and sending to Chrissie over at
Grace Space.

If all else fails it will keep her amused if I end up having to post the package sea mail which can take up to 16 weeks. And at the rate I'm collecting it may come to that - I went out at lunchtime today to get lunch and found myself at the op shop right round the corner from work - which, of course, had many things that would be perfect and ended up coming home with me. Oops.

Swap mystery number 1:

Oh, and don't worry - once I know that Chrissie has received the package I'll post a picture of everything and thus solve the mysteries for you...

On another note, finally made it to see Circus Oz last night. The "technical difficulties" I mentioned on Saturday were that the chap they blasted out of the cannon during the 1812 overture (oh yeah, we do culture here in Canberra) went a bit wonky and (to quote The Canberra Times article which wrote so eloquently) he ended up with a gashed leg and a brusied behind. Or bottom. The online article doesn't seem to have the same wonderful turn of phrase that the printed copy had when I read it at J's (who, incidentally, is not very happy that her posterior has been published for posterity. (Oh dear - I should stop blogging after work on Fridays, shouldn't I?) I assured her not many people actually read my blog which was a sad thing to admit.

Uh oh, I digress again... Oh yes. Be warned. I took my camera to the Circus Oz and took some photos. Until they did the whole spiel about "Photography is forbidden, especially flash photography" (err.... hello.. now I'm confused. Can I take illegal photos as long as they're not flash? Do I really want to be responsible for another performer meeting an untimely end to their act in Canberra??) I put the camera away. Oh - except for one sneaky pic of the woman hula hooping with a kazillion neon glowing hoops. Which didn't come out anyway....

So you lot with dial up, hold onto your hats. And I promise I'll finally learn Flickr soon!

(All very Seuss so far...)

V & M and (unborn) Little head up to the show:

And as we left (there's a cool full moon in the background but I'm not smart enough with Photoshop yet to make it stand out...)(Soundtrack: Ultravox, The Collection)

(Just did a spellcheck and was in stitches. Blog = flogging? Ultravox = ultraviolet? Seuss= soussa? Kazillion = gasoline?. Get me a new dictionary!)

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