Saturday, February 04, 2006

Happy birthday Dad and frugalling

Today is my father's birthday. He's in New Zealand. I'm in Australia. Half his present (a Spike Milligan book picked up very frugally) is in the work room next door. The other half (a copy of the "This Bird Has Flown" Beatles tribute CD) is somewhere between the USA and here. Yep, rather than just toodle on down to JB Hi Fi and buy a copy off the shelf and take it home I, as usual, found it cheaper overseas. But I bought it a month ago and it should have arrived by now.

Anyway. I called Dad. He's busy making coffee with his new coffee machine and is looking forward to consuming a bottle of Sleeping Dog (Sam Neil's vineyard) chardonnay with friends this evening. Doesn't seem worried that he hasn't yet received anything from me yet. Phew!

My good friend Nancy from Philadelphia shares a birthday with my Dad. I haven't got her present to her either. I'm halfway through making it and will post a picture as soon as it is done. Assuming it turns out OK and not a huge mess :-)

It's been a busy day all round, really. The first excitement was Nibbs (cat) Miss Daisy (car) and I going on a big adventure to see the vet. Now, for the 7 years I've lived in Canberra, the vet has always visited me which was a most agreeable arrangement before I had a car or license and worked a mere 7 minutes stroll from home. But now I can't get home in the middle of the day to meet him and I have a car so we went to him.

Poor Nibbs was stuffed into a cat carrier that smelt like George (who has been borrowing it) and was convinced I was taking him back to the RSPCA. The whole way to the vet's (which is 35 minutes drive away in the middle of the country but, oddly enough, very cheap) he was pitifully trying to tell me just how unhappy he was. On the way home he was much quieter - I think he was relieved I hadn't left him behind.

Because I had the first appointment of the day I was home by 9am so was able to go Frugalling. A new word I made up today to replace "Thrifting" or "Op Shopping". I did very well:

1. A V neck jumper pattern (20c), for the mohair I bought off eBay to knit a Dior knockoff jumper. Plastic circular needles ($1) to knit my Kittyville hat on, and two lots of covered buttons (free)

2. Some books. "Matthew Flinder's Cat" for $6 (the most expensive purchase of the day) to read on the plane to the US in May. "Doctor at Sea" for $1 which I could take and read on my cruise or keep (love the cover design!), "Love Story" for 50c with cool retro cover, and "What Every Woman Should Have" for a whopping 20c. I figure if all else fails I can do something with the pictures inside...

For example...


3. Gifts! The apron ($4) is for my sister in NZ to wear while whipping up her fantastic concoctions or when serving coffee out of her fab orange retro coffee set. The Buffy Pop Quiz book (50c) is a little something for my Buffy obsessed Cuzzie C in NZ. And the scarf ($2) is for Nancy in Philadelphia (just in case the bag doesn't work out). She loves Venice and this is a beautiful scarf to add to her collection of souvenirs.

4. Very very cute tiny Mickey Mouse lunch box. Cheap ($2) cause the back is a little crumpled but when I display it who will notice? Although it might just end up living with B in Sydney if she sees it.

5. Amazingly perfect black and white apron I had to have ($4) with white plastic tray (50c), mini black and white cups and saucers ($2 cause there are 4 saucers and only 3 cups) and a perspex and metal box thingy ($2)

6. And speaking of perfect, the buy of the day was this cool vintage Mickey Mouse T shirt which was on the half price rack for $2.50!

... and looks great with skinny jeans and Converse One Stars.

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