Sunday, February 05, 2006


After a grumpy and slow start to the day caused by staying up far too late doing nothing much (as one is wont to do on a Saturday night), exacerbated by the realisation that I really wasn't going to make it to the gym for the double class I needed to do to hit this week's target, and concern that Nibbs hadn't bothered turning up for dinner or breakfast, the day turned out to be not so bad afterall.

Nibbs turned up, to start with. Stared meaningfully at the cat carrier until I gave in and took it out to the garage. I did a huge pile of eBay listing early in the day after I realised that I could list in advance on Turbo Lister (I seem to have been inundated with new computer programmes to get my head around in the past couple of weeks. Am I allowed to say my brain hurts?) leaving my afternoon free.

So I decided to work on Nancy's present and weehee! I actually finished it and it looks pretty damned good if I say so myself:

Especially as I didn't use a pattern. I bought the quilt square off eBay (where else?) as Nancy and I had a joke last year that I was Princess SmartyPants and therefore she muct be Queen SmartyPants (on a side note if you haven't read the book by Babette Cole run out now and do so!).

When I first bought the piece I was planning to make a cushion out of it but then I realised:

a) posting a cushion to the States is a pretty stupid idea and it would look a bit naff to just send the cover. Besides it would mean, even if she hated it, Nancy would feel compelled to have it out in an obvious spot for my visit in May. And...

b) Nancy gave me a cushion fairly recently and I don't like doing backatyas (oops, did I just make up another word?)

So. I pondered and thought maybe a bag would be more useful. Yes! I could see it in my mind's eye. Cool image on the front and purple backing and straps. Great idea except none of the purples at Lincraft quite worked. Luckily Nancy likes pink about as much as she likes purple.

Then as I was paying for my (very bright) pink thread and fabric, the shop assistant asked if I needed a bag and I said no and pulled my fold-up shopper from the side pocket of my handbag, where it lives for just such occassions. And had one of those aha! moments and thus:

Nancy will be getting a wonderful one-of a kind folding bag just perfect for taking onshore from cruise ships in case of unexpected purchases.

I think I'll celebrate by taking myself off to see Nanny McPhee this evening with my Greater Union Cinebuzz freebie. And try and work out exactly what I will be working on tomorrow night at our weekly Craft Catchup...

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