Sunday, February 26, 2006

Technology is not my friend today

I should have gone back to bed when my internet connection suddenly died on me around 8:30 this morning. But no, I spent three quarters of an hour in the telephone hold queue for Ozemail support. Now I hate their hold system because unlike Canberra Cabs they don't give you an estimation of how long you're going to be stuck there or what number in the queue you are.

Instead they have one of those chirpy voices over utterly banal plinky music reminding you that "if you have an internet connection you can simply log on to the support website." I DON"T HAVE A CONNECTION! THAT'S WHY I'M STUCK IN THIS MOEIBUS STRIP OF A QUEUE!!!

Oh, and because of the music, I can't listen to my own music while I'm on hold because I (oddly enough) prefer to listen to one lot of music at a time.

Finally I give up, get on with all the other things I had planned to do and try logging on again around 2pm. And waste another 3/4 hour of my life on hold. But this time I was clever as I had a copy of Madison to read. Of course, after 3/4 of an hour on hold my internet suddenly decides to fix itself.

And to can my technobastard day off now I can't get the pictures on my blog to stay where they are supposed to be. I'm sure there's a very simple easy straight forward explanation (if you have one I'd love to hear from you) but I'm grumpy, hot sweaty, tired and realising there is probably a lot about how this blog program works that I don't understand. Why, for instance will it utterly refuse point blank to load some pictures?

Sorry, normal chirpy transmission will resume in the morning I'm sure...


Pink Rocket said...

AWWW!! (((hugs))) If blogger isn't working for you with the pictures you might try; if you have a yahoo acct. you can use it to log in with or create a new acct. With Flickr you can upload your photos and blog directly from there by pushing "blog this". [do I sound like a commercial for them our what?] Otherwise, with blogger it all depends are your text, which layout you choose, and the size of picture you're choosing. For instance I want to put 2 pictures side by side...blogger usally doesn't like that if one is bigger so it put it one on top of the other. personally blogger irritates me, but i keep it anyway.

Pink Rocket said...

whoa! that was long winded! LOL

Anonymous said...

Pooor Scootie-Lamb...I have a feeling you are still incognito as there is no new posting and I am about to go to sleep ( 01:30 )...sniff! Hang in there...if all else fails, look sternly at computer, and lay a hammer next to it.....that'll learn 'em!