Sunday, February 19, 2006

The best laid plans...

Our first performance of this year's Canberra Theatre subscription season was last night - with Circus Oz, such an exciting way to start the year as they were performing in the Big Top down by the lake.
Deciding we weren't prepared to have someone make us pay to park by the lake we all met early (before the parking ticket sellers were out) and had a scrumptious picnic.

At 7pm, feeling rather smug (and full of yummy food), we trotted across to the big top:And found this: And see that seating map the sign in taped to? It proved that our seats were the best of all - centre front row! Harrumph!

So after a bit of a discussion we headed to Electric Shadows to hire a DVD (The Motorcycle Diaries - a suprisingly quick decision considering there were 5 people involved in the choosing) then back to J's (the only one amongst us that had a DVD player and a TV) where we admired her rampant pumpkin patch:and harvested her first pumpkin (with us on guard in case she got swallowed up and eaten in the process)

before settling down to watch the DVD, drink good NZ wine and finish off the picnic leftovers. Not quite what we planned but a satisfying night, nonetheless.

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME pumpkin patch! Too bad about the circus......