Monday, February 20, 2006

This week's cravings

Monday morning's "If I won lotto" (which would be a miracle as I don't buy tickets) list:

1. Tickets for B and I to see Spamalot in New York on my birthday in May.
2.A ticket to see Simple Minds at their sold out May 7th Sydney "Black and White Show (hey - it's my list, I can dream!) I last saw them almost 20 years ago.
3. And one to see Jimmy Somerville this coming Friday, also in Sydney.
4. This fab doona cover I spotted in Target last week. Full price $89.95 (eek! and it's only Polycotton!) Think I'll wait for it to go on sale... 5. Villeroy and Boch's new Wonderful World bloom plates. In black, of course. The only decision would be do I go for plain black:
Or black and white?
6. Keeping with the crockery addiction, here's a new pattern I found this morning called Aster: 7. And two new lines from Eon Design Centre in Auckland, New Zealand:
Tapa serving dishes...
... and Kina serving bowls.

8. Finally, a boxed set of Eames DVDs as I didn't manage to see the films when they were playing at The Powerhouse Museum. (Let's ignore the fact I don't have a multizone DVD player, shall we?)
And a set of the new mini chairs from Japan to admire while watching the DVD.

(Hmmm, don't ask for much, do I?)

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